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Tooba Farooq

Tooba Farooq is a passionate, competitive aspirant and Sir Syed Kazim Ali's student. She holds an MSC degree in physics from the Government College University, Faisalabad. She has also participated in conferences on sustainable development, climate change, and women empowerment. She is keenly interested in learning new subjects and is pursuing a master's in Political Science. She has always had a passion for writing on an online platform like the CSSPREPFORUM to express her feelings, emotions, and thoughts among people using writing art. Moreover, she loves writing as she believes in learning, unlearning and relearning. So, she loves to write about everything she finds inspiring and exciting. Besides this, she considers that creativity has to flow without restrictions, and jotting out thoughts in her writings makes her more creative. And she also wants to make the lives of others easy through her writing by providing people with a reality check about the world's happenings and broadening people's horizons to learn something new and interesting. As a competitive aspirant, she is well aware of the struggles and hardships aspirants face in the journey. Thus, she always tries her best to create ease in the lives of aspirants by writing on various national, international, and other essential global and philosophical topics.
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