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Rimsha Mureed

Miss Rimsha Mureed is an Islamic Studies coach at HOWFIV. She is one of the few teachers who try their best to facilitate as many new aspirants as possible through their guidance. Moreover, having a background in both natural and Social Science, she enjoys writing on such topics that are worthy of discussion and critical to contemporary needs. She is helping thousands of candidates in compulsory subjects, especially Islamic Studies of CSS, PMS, and lectureship, to get maximum marks. Satisfying the students and getting the best out of them is one of her aims. She is the only teacher in Pakistan who is providing all the students with speedy free access to the previously solved papers of Islamic Studies of CSS and PMS at the platform of CSSPrepForum. So that all the competitors equally be benefitted from the ideal prototype and practice it later in their writings. The standards of the solved 20 marks questions meet the criteria given by sir Syed Kazim Ali.

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