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Maryam Tariq

Maryam Tariq is an optometrist by profession and a writer by passion. Being a very intimate traveller, she loves to share her travel stories, adventures, and experiences to make travelling more accessible and more appealing to others. Through her writings, she inspires, educates, and guides her audience about the stay, food, and other facilities in less popular and unexplored destinations of Pakistan. Moreover, she doesn't just visit the places; she digs into Pakistani culture and its people. Hence, she can be your all-time travel guide. Additionally, She believes in doing Rome as Romans do; hence, she pays special consideration to what she wears while travelling. Therefore, she has an intimate knowledge of modest fashion, which her friends and followers love. Her way of expressing her adventures and conveying her feelings is unique and piques the readers' interest. According to her, if she can do it, then anybody can do it. Hence, follow her in the journey to know the experiences of her exhilarating adventures.

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