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Maleeha Sattar

Maleeha Abdul Sattar is a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali. She is a postgraduate from the University of Punjab. She has completed her Master Degree in Zoology, along with the research in Entomology subject (Honey-bee) as an exceptional paper. Besides that, she loves cooking and trying new recipes for herself. Being a chef, she is actively writing to guide people in cooking food for them easily. The few qualities that make her stand out from the rest are that she explains different tips or ways for her readers that may help them to avoid blunders and maintain the taste. Moreover, she also loves to write in different niches like social issues, fashion and beauty. Being a writer, she keens to limelight realities and expresses her opinions for her readers regarding various social issues prevailing in society. Consequently, she also writes for the fashion and beauty niche. She loves sharing fashion and beauty tips in her blogs. These tips are little tidbits, which helps reader include in their daily routines and enhance their beauty. Let’s follow and like her on social media to get immediate notification of her latest articles and blogs related to her niches

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