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Pakistan in The Grey List
Written By Shehroz Shaikh Outline Introduction to FATF What is a FATF’s Grey List? Pakistan in The Grey List What does it mean to be...
The Menace of Inflation
Written By Irum Moin Outline Recent Inflation Stats & its Impacts Inflation in High-Growth vs Low-Growth Economy Biased Inflation Measurements Phases of Inflationary Pressure Devaluation...
Digital Revolution in Pakistan
Written By Shehroz Shaikh Introduction WEF Report about Pakistan Digital Sector Increase in Investors Confidence Factors Showing Growth in Digital Sector Improvement in Security Situation...
Climate Woes and Population
Written By Shehroz Shaikh Outline Global Climate Change International Community – Climate Woes and Population Developed Vs Non-Developed Countries The Case of Pakistan Sixth Most...
Pakistan – from a “Water-Stressed” to a “Water-Scarce” Country
Written By Irum Moin Introduction Background of the Topic Is a Single Dam Enough to combater Water Crises? Pakistan at Water Stress Line Main Sources...
The Kashmir Solution
Written By Vaneeze Meher OUTLINE Introduction – Masla-e-Kashmir The Kashmir Struggle – A Peak in Past 1947 – 1965 and 1999 Present Day Kashmir Ethnic...
Is World Democracy a Failure?
Written By Irum Moin OUTLINE Introduction A Glance at Top Democracies Reassessment of Democracy Reservation about Democracy Defending Democracy People Make Choices Democracy Relies on...
Educational Reforms in Pakistan
Written By Shehroz Shaikh Introduction Education Emergency Statistics Problems/Challenges of Education Reform Improving Education Quality Lack of attention on In-Classroom Environment Focus on Facilities and...
World a Global Village
Written By Irum Moin 1. IntroductionGlobalization has led to the economic, political, and socio-cultural integration making the world a global village. The prospects of learning...
More and More Military Engagements by the United Nations
Written By Hammad Nasir IntroductionThesis Statement: Amid the increasing military engagements by the UN in the form of its peacekeeping missions in several African and...
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