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Mughal Dynasty MCQs by Sir Rameez Chaudhary

Mughal Dynasty MCQs by Sir Rameez Chaudhary

Mughal Dynasties MCQs | Pakistan Affairs MCQs by Sir  Rameez | MCQs Related to the Mughal Dynasties | Pakistan Affairs MCQs for CSS, PMS and One Paper Aspirants | MCQs by Sir Rameez | Read, Prepare, Test, and Quizzify at Howfiv

MCQs relating to Mughal Dynasties have been a favourite area for the paper setter of commission exams, such as FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KKPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS and all screening tests etc. MCQs related to Mughal Dynasties have been most of the time included in the 100 marks paper, for BPS 11 to BPS 18, for the posts of Land Records Officer, TMO and Chief council Officer, District Food Controller, AD Anti-Corruption, Excise and Taxation Inspector, Inspector Police/Anti-corruption, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar, AD ANF /FIA/IB/ NAB/ ISI/Passport/ CAA, Civil Judge Exam, Labour Officer and Labour Inspector, Deputy Superintendent Jail, District Zakat Officer, Ministries, Junior clerks Banks etc. It has been noticed that millions of students remain unable to apprehend these historical developments of the Mughal Dynasties in sequence. Mughal Dynasties MCQs are the most interactive section updated by Howfiv with its team’s help daily.

Howfiv has successfully gathered and created thousands of exam-relevant questions (MCQs). The category’s questions are generally based on all CSS, FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC, NTS, AJKPSC, GBPSC past papers MCQs, the most repeated questions, the essential questions from 1980 to date, and advanced practice questions. With the help of Howfiv, Sir  Rameez has compiled the most important MCQs from the Mughal Dynasties to assist millions of students. As soon as you start reading these MCQs, you do not only memorise them but also recall them easily while attempting any one paper exam. Pakistan Affairs MCQs by Sir Rameez Chaudary.

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The MCQs by Sir Rameez Chaudhary are as follows:

1Who was the founder of Mughal empire?BaburHymayunSher ShahJahangira
2The Mughal Empire was founded by Zahir-ud-din Babur in1525152615271528b
3When Babur was born?24th February 148314 February 148318th February 184330th February 1483b
4What was the duration of Babar’s rule over the Sub-continent?1523-15301524-15311526-15301525-1530c
5Which city was occupied by Babur in 1504?HeratKabulSamarkandBokharab
6Babur captured two cities in 1523 with the help of Shah of Persia. Name the cities?Samarkand & BokharaDelhi & AgraBokhara & HajazDelhi and Bokharaa
7With whose force Babur met in the field of Panipat on April 21, 1526 and while defeating it captured Delhi and Agra?Ibrahim LodhiBehlwal LodhiAkbar LodhiNone of thesea
8Babar after being driven from Samarkand by the Uzbeks, established his rule in kabul in1501150415071509b
9In which year Babur came into conflict with Rana Sangha of Mewar in the field of Khanwah?1527152815291530a
10IN whose reign Babar invaded India in 1526?Ibrahim LodhiDaulat Khan LodhiAkbar LodhiKhizar Lodhia
11In which cities/city Afghans created disturbances by supporting the cause of Ibrahim’s Lodi’s brother Mahamud Lodhi?BiharJaunpurBoth of themNone of thesec
12In which battle Babur met with Afghans in 1529 and inflicted defeat on them?Battle of GograBattle of Amritsar1st Battle of PanipatBattle of Delhia
13Babar’s 12,000 army force faced a huge force of Ibrahim Lodhi at the first battle of Panipat. What was the number of his army?500006000080000100000d
14Which battle marked an end to the Delhi Sultanate in Sub-continent in 1526?Battle of Panipat IBattle of GograBattle of KhanwaBattle of Panipat IIa
15Through which of the following battles Babur became the master of the whole of northern the sub-continent from Kabul to Bengal?Battle of GograBattle of KhanwahBattle of PanipatAll of themd
16Babur was born at Andijan, the capital of Farghana, and died at Bengal Mention the year of his death?26 December 153027 December 153028 December 153029 December 1530a
17Which of the following is/are the name(s) of the Babur’s Autobiography?Tuzuk-i-BaburWaqi-at-I BaburiBaburnamahAll of themd
18The word Mughal derives from Mongol meaning anyone from:Western AsiaSouthern AsiaCentral AsiaMiddle Eastc
19Babar was descendant of:TamerlaneGenghiz KhanNone of theseBoth of themd
20In 1530 Babar was succeeded:Sher Shah SuriAkbarHmayunShah Jehanc
21Who was the great grandson of Timur Lang, the Mongol conqueror?Shah JahanJahangirAlamgirBabard
22Mughal emperors ruled the Sub-continent for more than:200 years250 years300 years350 yearsc
23When was Babar succeeded by his son Humayun?1520153015401545b
24When did Humayun ascend the Throne at Agra?30 December 153031 December 153028 December 153029 December 1530a
25In which battle Humayun defeated the Afghans in August, 1532?Battle of QanaujBattle of PanipatBattle of DadrahBattle of Kabulc
26After the long conflict with Bahadur Shah When Humayun finally occupied the whole of Gujrat?1535153615371538a
27During the Humayun’s rule, who was the ruler of Gujrat?The AfghansBahadur ShahSher ShahNone of themb
28The main rivals of Humayun was/were:Muhammad Lodhi & Bahadur ShahBahadur Shah & Sher KhanMuhammad Lodhi & Sher ShahAll of themd
29Who was the strongest enemy of Humayun?Sher AlamSher Shah SuriBahadur ShahMuhammad Lodhib
30Which defeat of Humayun made him homeless wanderer?DarahKannaujPanipatNone of themb
31The young king of Persia accorded Humayun a warm reception. Name the King?Shah PeshShah TahmaspShah TootShah Jaishb
32Which state(S) Humayun captured in 1545 with the help of Persian troops?KabulQandharKabul & QandharBengalc
33Having got rid of all his rivals, Humayun marched towards India in November,1554. When did he capture Lahore?1555155615571558a
34What is the date of death of Humayun?24 January 155624 January 155724 January 155927 January 1558a
35Humayun was ousted by:HumayunShe Shah SuriShah JehanNone of themb
36Which general of Humayun deprived him from throne and ascended the throne?Sher Shah suriSher KhanKhizer KhanNoor-ud-Dina
37Humayun regained the throne in:1554155015551548c
38Which Mughal emperor died in 1556 after falling down his library stairs?AkbarHumayunBabarShah Jehanb
39Sher Shah was born in 1472 at Bajware nearHaripurDelhiHoshiapurKabulc
40Who wrote ‘Tarikhi-i-Sher’ in order to pay regard to Shah Suri’s success in administration?Rehman KhiljiAbbas SarwaniGhulam AbbasAhmed Pashab
41In 1522 Sher Shah entered Into the service of an independent ruler of Bihar. Name the rulerBihar Khan LohaniKhizer ShahBehram Khan LohaniLohani Shaha
42When did Sher Shah entered into the service of ruler of Bihar, Bihar Khan Lohani?1519152015211522d
43In which year Sher Khan went to Agra and took service under Babur?1521152215261527d
44Which important incident took place in the life of Sher Shah in 1528?He became the emperor of the Sub-continentHe revolted against HumaynHe left Mughal serviceHe was sacked by Humayunc
45in 1530, Sher Shah captured the important fortress of Chunar after the death of its ruler. Name the ruler?Taj KhanBihar KhanLohani KhanBabur Khana
46Which incident brought Sher Shah into direct conflict with the Mughals?Capture of LohanaCapture of ChunarCapture of KanpurHis attack on Delhib
47Who left the Mughals service in 1528?Sher ShahKHIzer khanBahadur KhanNone of thesea
48Mention the Mughal ruler who marched against Sher Shah and the latter saved himself by timely submission?HumayunAkbarBabarJahangira
49In which year Sher Shah invaded Bengal and appeared before the gates of Gaur?1537153815391540a
50On the death of Sher Shah, under which title his son Jalal Khan ascended the throne in 1545?Islam ShahMehmud ShahTaj KhanJalal Khana
51Islam Shah was succeeded by his son who was murdered by his uncle Mohammad Adil Shah. Name the son?Firuz KhanMehmud KhanMehmud ShahJalal Khana
52Which of the following is the greatest achievement of Sher Shah Suri?Construction of Grand Trunck Road,Construction of Lal Qila, DelhiConstruction of Shalamar Bagh, LahoreSpread of Islam in the sub-continenta
53Sher Shah Suri ousted Humayun and ruled the India until his death in.1539164514451345c
54Which Mughal Emperor was crowned on the 14th of February, 1556?HumayunAkbarShah JahanNone of theseb
55Akbar was crowned on at:KanpurQandharKalanaurBengalc
56At the time of accession to the throne, Akbar was a boy of thirteen. Who was appointed as his regent?Bairam KhanJalal KhanFiruz KhanIslam Khana
57Himu ascended the throne with the title:VikramadityaVikram ChopraVikram DevVikram Guptaa
58Akbar built a walled capital near Agra. Name the capital?FatahpurFatehgarh SikriFatehpur SikriNone of thesec
59Akbar build the walled capital at Agra in:1570157115721573b

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