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Important Cities of the World Chronologically by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar

Important Cities of the World Chronologically by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar

Most important Cities of the World Choronologically | Most Important General Knowledge material by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar | General Knowledge MCQs | MCQs Related to General Geography | General Knowledge MCQs for CSS, PMS and One Paper Aspirants | MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar | Read, Prepare, Test, and Quizzify at Howfiv

Knowing Important cities of the world with their reason of significance has always been inspiring for the readers. The cities have been a crucial part of the one-paper commission exam (from BPS 11 to BPS 18), such as FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KKPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, etc. It has been noticed that millions of competitive students in Pakistan remain unable to grasp the important cities related questions (MCQs). General Knowledge MCQs are the most interactive section updated by Howfiv with its team’s help daily.

Howfiv has successfully gathered and created thousands of exam-relevant questions (MCQs). The category’s questions are generally based on all CSS, FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC, NTS, AJKPSC, GBPSC past papers MCQs, the most repeated questions, the essential questions from 1980 to date, and advanced practice questions. With the help of Howfiv, Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar has compiled a chronological list on the important cities of the world. The list, compiled and gathered by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar, helps millions of competitive students memorize them that have become an integral part of each exam, conducted by FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, NTS, etc. As soon as you start reading and memorizing this list, you will be able to solve all MCQs from Islamiat, which are repeatedly asked in one paper 100 Marks MCQs exams, like NTS, PPSC, FPSC, SPSC. BPSC, AJKPSC, KPPSC, FIA, ASF, ANF, MOD, Anti-corruption, and all type of competitive exams.

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Howfiv, Pakistan’s only LMS for 5.5 million Competitive and entrance exam students, is the most credible exam preparatory source available in the country for millions of competitive students. It is a place where curious readers, passionate learners, dedicated aspirants and expert knowledge come together. The mission of Howfiv is to help millions of students prepare for their next exams confidently – anywhere, anytime -and make them more competitive and successful in their lives. On a daily basis, more than 25,000 students prepare for multiple subjects to excel in their knowledge to qualify for their government exams, conducted by FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, BPSC, NTS, CSS, PMS, PMA, PAF, PN, etc. Whether you have planned to go for or have started preparing for One Paper Commission Exams, Howfiv is the place that suits your needs and helps you qualify for your dreamed job.

These One Liners are best for the following types of tests:

Deputy Director, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)Inspector Customs, (FBR)
Assistant Director Investigation (AD – FIA)Intelligence Officer (FBR)
Assistant Director Legal (AD Legal – FIA)Preventive Officer (FBR)
Inspector Investigation (FIA)Appraising/Valuation Officer (FBR)
Assistant Director, Ministry of Defense (AD – MOD)Police Inspector (Railway)
Junior Admin Officer (MOD)Sub-Inspector (Railway)
Civilian Labor Officer (MOD)Assistant Director, Ministry of Communications
Deputy Director, Intelligence Bureau (I.B)Assistant Director, Ministry of Overseas & Human Resources
Assistant Director (I.B)Assistant Director in Federal Secretariat
Inspector (I.B)Assistant Director in Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Deputy Director of National Accountability Bureau (NAB)Assistant Director in Interior Ministry
Assistant Director, National Accountability Bureau (NAB)Assistant Director in the Ministry of Finance
Investigation Officer (NAB)Assistant Director in Cabinet Division
Junior Investigation Officer (NAB)Assistant Director in Economic Division
Assistant (NAB)Assistant Director in Ports & Shipping
Assistant Director Anti-CorruptionAssistant Director LDA/MDA
Assistant Director PassportAssistant Private Secretary
Assistant Superintendent Jail Assistant Director in Establishment Division
Deputy Superintendent Jail Research Officer in Planning and Development
Assistant Director of Land RecordsResearch Officer in Senate
ASI Police & S.I PoliceResearch Officer in the National Assembly
Assistant Food ControllerSupervisor in Food Department 
Civil Judges Exams Assistant Director, Airport Security Force (ASF)
Tehsildar & Naib-Tehsildar ExamsAssistant Security Officer (ASF)
Assistant Registrar CooperativeDeputy Assistant Officer (ASF)
Labour Officer & Labour InspectorInspector (ASF)
Assistant Director, Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF)Inspector (ANF)
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The One Liner by Miss Bakhtawar are as follows:

1AbadanIranWorld’s biggest oil refinery
2AberdeenEnglandIndustrial city, seaport famous as the ‘Granite City’
3AdelaideS. AustraliaTanning and textile industries
4Al AsnamAlgeriaWorld’s greatest earthquake when 80 % city was destroyed
5AlexandriaEgyptSeaport, city founded by Alexander the Great
6AniwerpBelgiumSeaport, diamond cutting, ship building, oil and sugar
7ArmeroColombiaAlso called ‘White City of Colombia’, more than 20,000 people killed in volcanic eruption
8AswanEgyptA tourist resort, world’s biggest – Aswari Dam (13 km)
9AucklandNew ZealandLargest city of New Zealand; sea port
10BabylonBaghdad (Iraq)Ancient centre of art, science and culture, remains of biblical tower/hanging gardens found here
11BandungIndonesiaFirst summit conference of Afro-Asian countries was held here in 1955
12BangkokThailandKnown as ‘Venice of the East’; largest city in Thailand and capital
13BarranacasMexicoWorld’s first urban settlement to be exclusively powered by solar energy
14BarcelonaSpainChief port and a commercial centre, venue of the 1992 Olympics
15BasraIraqPrinciple port on the bank of the river Shatt-el-Arab near the Persian Gulf
16BelizeCentral AmericaFormerly British Honduras which became independent on 21 Sept, 1981, 156 members of the UNO
17BenghaziLibyaChief town and port on the Gulf of Sidria in Mediterranean Sea
18BergenNorwayBiggest city of Norway and seaport
19BethlehemIsraelBirth place of Jesus Christ
20ChicagoUSAImportant trading city; meat packing is the chief industry
21CologneGermanyIndustrial centre, ‘Eau-de-Cologne’ is after is name
22Cape KennedyUSAMissile launching centre and H.O of NASA, named after Jhon F. Kennedy
23DetroitUSAH.O of biggest car manufacturing company, Ford Motor
24DoverEnglandSeaport on the Strait of Dover
25DurbanSouth AfricaAssociated with political activities of Gandhiji
26DunkirkFranceA French port on the English Channel near the Belgian border
27EpsomLondonFamous Race course
28EssenGermanyCoal mining, iron and steel industries
29GenevaSwitzerlandEuropean H.O of the UN, former seat of the League of Nations; capital town
30GenoaItalySeaport in Mediterranean Sea
31GettysburgUSAHistorical town, site of the American Civil War
32CribraltingSpainA famous British colony
33GlavgowScotlandBiggest ship building centre; seaport
34GreenwichLondonObservatory, the time in all countries is calculated on the basis of Greenwich Mean Time
35GatebergSwedenSeaport on Gota connected to the Baltic Sea by a canal
36HagueNetherlandSeat of UNO International Court of Justice
37Haifa IsraelChief seaport 
38HansburgGermanyChief seaport 
39Havana Cuba Cigar manufacturing also capital town 
40HeratAfghanistan Ancient trade center, carpet and silk products manufacturing 
41HarappaPakistan Ruins of ancient India site of Indian valley civilization 
42HiroshimaJapan Industrial town was known as ‘Venice of Japan’, ruined by the first atom bomb dropped by USA in the second World War on 6 August 1945; also a seaport
43HonoluluHawaii Island Tourist resort, capital city 
44HollywoodUSAFilm industry 
45IstanbulTurkey seaport formerly called ‘Constantinople’ 
46JohannesburgS. Africa Gold  mines 
47KalgoorlieAustralia Gold  mines 
48KhandharAfghanistan Trading center 
49KandySri Lanka Temple of Tooth (Buddha’s Tooth) 
50KansasUSAChief livestock trading centre
51KarachiPakistan Chief seaport 
52KimberleyS. AfricaDiamond mining 
53Kew Gardens London ‘Botanical gardens 
54KirkukIraq Oilfields 
55LeningradRussia Seaport, second largest city of Russia. In World War II it was seiged by Germany; also an industrial town
56LeipzingGermanyIndustrial town
57Lop Nor ChinaSite of the Chinese nuclear test explosion
58LiverpoolUKSeaport, exporter of milk 
59LondonUK3rd Most populous city of the world, seaport, capital city 
60Los Angeles USA Largest city of USA, Film industry 
61Madina Saudi Arabia Place for pilgrimage for Muslims; Tomb of Prophet Mohammad 
62Manchester UKCotton industry 
63Mecca Saudi Arabia Place for pilgrimage for Muslims; birth place of  Prophet Mohammad; second capital city
64MelbourneAustralia Second largest city in Australia, wollen, leather goods, furniture, capital of Victoria Province 
65Miami Beach USACenter of world beauty contest 
66Milan ItalySecond largest city of Italy 
67Mohenjo-Daro Pakistan Historical site of Indus Valley civilization 
68MontrealCanadaLarge trading center 
69MoscowRussia Largest city of Russia – capital 
70Munich GermanyBeer manufacturer, venue of 1972 Olympics
71MurreePakistan Chief hill station 
72Nagasaki Japan An atom bomb was dropped here on 9 August 1945 during Second World War, seaport
73NazarethIsraelHolly place of Christians associated with the life of Christ
74New YorkUSALeading commercial and financial center of the world; located on the Hudson river, houses the second largest building of the world- Empire State Building; has the Statue of Liberty 
75New Orleans USACotton market
76Olympia Greece ‘Birth place of Olympic games 
77Pisa ItalyLeaning Tower which is one of the wonders of the world
78QuettaPakistan Hill station; commands the entrance to the Bolan Pass
79Quebec cityCanadaSeaport
80RomeItalyCentre of Roman civilization and culture, historical buildings, capital city
81RotterdamNetherlandsShip building, iron and steel industries, tobacco
82San FranciscoUSASeaport , industrial centre, meat packing, automobiles
83Sao PauloBrazilSecond largest city of Brazil, coffee growing
84Shatt-al-ArabArabOne of the world’s ancient waterways; witnessed early human settlements
85ShanghaiChinaLargest and most populous city of China
86TorontoCanadaLargest city of Canada
87UlsterIrelandWhere struggle between Catholic and Protestant Christians took place
88WaterlooBelgiumBattle of Waterloo was fought here between the British and her allies and its French forces in which Napoleon was defeated in 1815
89WimbledonLondonFamous for its tennis tournaments
90Yellow Stone National ParkUSAOldest and largest park with about 3000 gases and hot springs
91ZurichSwitzerlandUniversity of Switzerland
92ZanzibarTanzaniaProduces cloves

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About Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar

Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar has been guiding law and competitive students for 5 years and has an adept command at revenue matters, General Knowledge and the Constitutional history of Pakistan.

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