General Knowledge Most Important MCQ

General Knowledge Most Important MCQ

Written By Vaneeze Meher

1. The last viceroy of united India was ___.

Ans) Lord Mount Batten

2. __ is known as Bab-ul-Islam.

Ans) Sindh

3. The first O.I.C summit was held in ____ in ____.

Ans) Rabat, Morocco in 1969

4. The second O.I.C summit was held in ___ in ____.

Ans) Lahore, Pakistan in 1974

5. The third O.I.C summit was held in ___ and ___in___.

Ans) Makkah and Taif, Saudi Arabia in 1981

12. The highway linking China and Pakistan is called ____.

Ans) Shahrah-e-Karakoram

13. Pakistan became the member of U.N on _____and ____ Opposed it.

Ans) 30th December 1947 and Afghanistan

14. _____ are the two most important food crops of Pakistan

Ans) Wheat and Rice

15. The Objective Resolution was put forwarded by ____ in___.

Ans) Liaqat Ali Khan in 1949

16. ___ and ____ are two famous Pushto poets.

Ans) Khushal Khan Khatak and Rehman Baba

17. The State Bank was inaugurated by ___ in ____.

Ans) Quaid-e-Azam in July 1948

18. The first constitution of Pakistan came into force on ____ and cancelled in ___.

Ans) 23rd March 1956, in 1958

19. The second constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on ____.

Ans) 1st March 1962

20. The third constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on ___.

Ans) 14th August 1973

21. Pakistan’s second Governer General and 2nd Prime Minister was ___.

Ans) Khawaja Nazimuddin

22. The Government of Pakistan imposed the system of Zakat in the year __ and it is collected at ___.

Ans) 1980, at 1/3 %

23. Quaid-e-Azam joined Muslim League in the year ___.

Ans) 1913

24. The Shimla delegation was headed by _____.

Ans) Sir Agha Khan

25. Pakistan’s largest heavy engineering complex is situated at ___, Built with the help of __.

Ans) Texila, of China

26. The highest peak of Pakistan is ___.

Ans) K-2

27. Sui gas was found in the year ___.

Ans) 1952

28. ___ was the chairman of boundary commission.

Ans) Sir Red Cliff

29. The population growth rate of Pakistan is ___.

Ans) 3%

30. The Lucknow Pact was signed between Muslim League and ___ in the year __.

Ans) Congress, in the year 1916

31. The first President of All India Muslim League was ___.

Ans) Sir Agha Khan

32. Quaid-e-Azam proposed his 14 points in the year ___.

Ans) 1929

33. The United Nations was founded in ___.

Ans) 24th October 1945

34. The first meeting of the Muslim League took place in the year __ at ___.

Ans) 1908 at Karachi

35. The Cripps Mission visited India in____.

Ans) 1942

36. _____ was the first Governor General of Pakistan.

Ans) Quaid-e-Azam

37. The Cabinet Mission came to India in the year __ A.D and had _ members.

Ans) 1946, three

38. R.C.D (Regional Co-operation for development) was established in____.

Ans) 1964

39. Quaid-e-Azam gave his 14 points in reply to ____.

Ans) Nehru Report

40. Mount Batten announced his partition plan on ___.

Ans) 3rd June 1947

41. The first independent ruler of Muslim India was ____.

Ans) Qutub uddin Aibak

42. Allama Iqbal gave his historical address in the year __ A.D at __ .

Ans) 1930, at Allahbad

43. Quaid-e-Azam appealed on ___ to observe day of Deliverance or Yaum-e-Nijat Tashakkur.

Ans) 22th December 1939

44. _____ has 4 divisions.

Ans) Sindh

45. ____ was the first President of Pakistan.

Ans) Iskander Mirza

46. Participation of Bengal took place in the year ___A.d and cancelled in __ A.D.

Ans) 1905, 1911

47. The two biggest hydraulic dams of Pakistan are ___ and __.

Ans) Tarbela, Mangla

48. Pakistan was recognized as a republic in the year ___.

Ans) 1956

49. _____ Translated the Holly Quran in Persian.

Ans) Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah

50. Mohenjo Daro was built ___ years ago through a thought plan.

Ans) 4000

51. The Muslim League was founded in ___ at __ due to the movement of ____.

Ans) 1906, at Dhaka, of Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan

52. All India Congress was founded by ____ in the year ___ A.d.

Ans) Allano Hume, 1885

53. The first Prime Minister of Pakistan was _____.

Ans) Liaqat Ali Khan

54. The First World War started in ___.

Ans) 1914

55. The Second World War ended in __.

Ans) 1945

56. Urdu is a Persian word it means __.

Ans) Camp

57. First Muslim General _____ invaded Sindh.

Ans) Mohammad Bin Qasim

58. The highest court of Pakistan is ____.

Ans) Supreme Court

59. The Aligarh Movement was started by ____.

Ans) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

60. Quaid-e-Azam remained member of both Muslim League and Congress for __ years.

Ans) 9

61. Badshahi Mosque was built by ____ at Lahore.

Ans) Aurangzeb Alamgir

62. Sindh was separated from Bombay presidency in the year ___A.D.

Ans) 1936

63. First Round Table Conference took place in London in ___ A.D.

Ans) 1930

64. Second Round Table Conference took place in London in __ A.D.

Ans) 1931

65. General Zia Ul Haq took office in __ A.D.

Ans) 1977

66. Quaid-e-Azam was born on _____.

Ans) 25th December 1876

67. ____ and _____ are the two building found in Pakistan that were built by Mughal Empire.

Ans) Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Qila

68. Pakistan’s two important agricultural crops are __ and __.

Ans) Cotton, Rice

69. Allama Iqbal was born at ____.

Ans) Sialkot, in 1877

70. The last Mughal Emperor of India was ___.

Ans) Bahadur Shah Zafar

71. Pakistan’s largest steel mill is at ___ formed by the cooperation of ___.

Ans) Pipri, Karachi, by the cooperation of Russia

72. There are _ natural regions of Pakistan.

Ans) 4

73. The Mosque built by ____ is at Thatta.

Ans) Shah Jahan

74. The duration sixth five -years plan is __.

Ans) 1985-1990

75. According to the 1972 census the literacy rate in Pakistan was __ which grew to __ in 1981.

Ans) 21.7%, 26.2%

76. The true name of Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani was ___.

Ans) Shaikh Ahmed

77. In the 1945 Muslim League won __ Muslims seats in the central Assembly.

Ans) 30

78. The British Parliament passed the Indian Independence law in ___ or made the Indian participation plan into a law.

Ans) July 1947

79. The script of All Pakistani languages is similar and it is based on __

Ans) Quranic Script

80. Sind Madarsa-ul-Islam was founded by _____.

Ans) Hasan Ali Afandi

81. Pakistan earns its biggest share of foreign exchange from ___.

Ans) Cotton

82. In ___, ____ helped Pakistan in making arrangements to hold the Islamic Summit Conference.

Ans) 1974, Shah Faisal

83. The first General elections of Pakistan were held in the year____.

Ans) 1971

84. SAARC abbreviates for ____.

Ans) South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

85.___ founded Muslim League’s braneli at London in __.

Ans) Syed Ameer Ali, 1908

86. All Pakistani languages contain lots of words of __ and ___.

Ans) Arabic and Persian

89. The ___ nuclear exploitation showed the true face of Indian agression.

Ans) 1974

90. Congress started “Leave India Movement” in the year __.

Ans) 1942

91. In__, ___ defeated the Marhatas at the battle field of Pani Patt.

Ans) 1761, Ahmed Shah Abdali

92. The first Mughal Emperor was ___.

Ans) Babar

93. The Mughal Emperor Akbar introduced the ___.

Ans) Deen-e-Elahi

95. ___ and ___ are two important Sindhi poets.

Ans) Shah Abdul Latif and Sachal Sarmast

96. Two palces famous for wooden crafts are __ and __ in Pakistan.

Ans) Hala and Kashmir)

97. The Indus Basin Treaty was signed between Pakistan and India in the year __.

Ans) 1960

98. Sindh Muslim League passed a resolution in ___.

Ans) 1938

99. Nizam-e-Mustafa movement was carried in the year __.

Ans) 1977

100. The Hindu Society is divided in _ casts.

Ans) 4

101. Pakistan’s ___ population live in rural areas.

Ans) 70%

102. The first Muslim League Government was formed in Sindh in __.

Ans) 1943

103. Masjid Mahabat Khan is situated at ___.

Ans) Peshawar

104. Masjid Wazir Khan is situated at ____.

Ans) Lahore

105. Simla Delegation met ___ in 1945.

Ans) Lord Wavell

106. In year __ the Simla delegation headed by Sir Agha Khan met __.

Ans) 1906, Lord Minto

107. Liaqat Ali Khan born in __ and become the secretary general of Muslim in ___.

Ans) 1895, 1936

108. Waris Shah wrote ___.

Ans) Heer Ranjha

109. The total area of Pakistan is ___ and total population according to 1981census is _____ million/crores.

Ans) 796096, 83782000

110. Pakistan exploded its first atomic bomb at ___ in the year __.

Ans) Chaghi, May 1998

111. Moen-jo-Daro is in the province of __.

Ans) Sindh

112. The period of first five year plan was ___.

Ans) 1955-1960

113. Pakistan joined the non -Aligned Movement in in the year __.

Ans) 1979

114. The first conferences of NAM was held at __ in ___ and the second at ___.

Ans) Belgrade, 1961, Cairo

115. The fort of Lahore (Shahi Qila) was built by ____.

Ans) Jehangir

116. Sind was conquered by Mohammad bin Qasim in the year __.

Ans) 712

117. The head of the state is called ___ and head of the Government is called ___.

Ans) President, Prime Minister

118. The Secretariat of O.I.C is at ___ (Saudi Arabia) and RCD at ___.

Ans) Jeddah, Tehran

119. RCD is called now ____.

Ans) R.E.C (Regional Economic Council)

120. The desert land of Sindh is called ___ and that Bahawalpur is called ____.

Ans) Thar, Cholistan

121. The first Saint to come South Asia ______ is most important of all.

Ans) Hazrat Ali Hajveri

122. Hazrat usman Marvandi is known as ___.

Ans) Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

123. In __ Cripps mission was presented.

Ans) 1942

124. In 1945-1946 elections Muslim League won __ seats in central and ___ in provincial assembly.

Ans) all, 90%

125. In __ Lord Wavell proposed the formation of a temporary government consisting of the political parties of United India.

Ans) 1945

126. According to 3rd June 1947 plan plebiscite was held in ____ and ____.

Ans) N.W.F.P., Silhat

127. In the North of Kabul river Khyber Pass is situated which is ___ km long.

Ans) 53

128. In the 1973 constitution ____ was recognized as state religion.

Ans) Islam

129. In Pakistan __ languages are spoken.

Ans) 30

130. ____ is the Sufi poet of Pushto poetry.

Ans) Rehman Baba

131. ___ is considered as first poet of Pushto.

Ans) Ameer Karoro

132. For a developing country like Pakistan ____ is very important.

Ans) Nuclear Power

134. The five principles passed by the Non-Aligned countries are called ___.

Ans) Punj Shilla

135. The members of R.C.D are ___, ___, and ___.

Ans) Pakistan, Iran, Turkey

136. In ____ separate elections principle was accepted.

Ans) 1909

137. Sir Syed founded scientific society in ____.

Ans) 1862

138. The Khilafat conference meeting held at Karachi in __.

Ans) 1921

139. The fundamental principle of our foreign policy is ______.

Ans) friendship with the nations of the world

140. Sir Syed brought out the digest “Tehzib-ul-Akhlaq” in ___.

Ans) 1870

141. The first central office of Muslim League was established at ____.

Ans) Aligarh

142. The word Pakistan was proposed by _____ in a pamphlet named ____.

Ans) Choudhry Rehmat Ali, No and Never

143. The first constituent assembly of Pakistan was dissolved in the year __ and ___ was its speaker.

Ans) 1954, Mir Molvi Tamizuddin

144. Under the constitution of 1973 the National Assembly consists of __ Muslim members and the Senate consist of __ members.

Ans) 207, 87

145. Samara was built by_____?

Ans) Muta’sam‍

146. Al-Beruni died in the year____?

Ans) 1048

147. Grand Mosque at Damascus was built by______?

Ans) Walid bin Abdul Malik

148. How many Countries Are the Members of NATO?

Ans) 30

149. Reuters News Agency belongs to which country?

Ans) UK

150. Paristan Lake is in district?

Ans) Skardu

151. Maiden Tower is in_____?

Ans) Azerbaijan

152. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) founded in_____?

Ans) 1975

153. The oldest Intelligence agency of Pakistan is_____?

Ans) IB

154. Eden of Sindh is called_____?

Ans) Larkana

155. Minaret of Jam is in_______?

Ans) Afghanistan

156. Financial Action Task Force (FATF) was founded in which year?

Ans) 1989

157. The “Tiger of Mysore” is called______?

Ans) Tipu Sultan

158. In Indus Valley “Alluvial Soil” was used for making?

Ans) Bricks

159. Zun Noorain title?

Ans) Hazrat Usman (R.A)

160. 3rd PM of Pakistan?

Ans) Muhammad Ali Bogra

161. Thal desert is located in which province?

Ans) Punjab

162. NATO signed year?

Ans) 1949

163. Senate seats according to constitution 1973?

Ans) 104

164. Border line between Pakistan and Afghanistan called?

Ans) Durand line 2252 km

165. Length of border with China?

Ans) 523 km

166. In which hijrah, Qibla direction changed?

Ans) 11 February 624

167. Islamic revolution year in Iran?

Ans) January 1978 – February 1979

168. Acting PM in absence of Prime minister?

Ans) In the absence of Prime Minister, Speaker of National Assembly acts as prime minister

169. How many nonpermanent members of Security Council?

Ans) The Council is composed of 15 Members: five permanent members: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and ten non-permanent members elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly.

170. Simon commission date?

Ans) Simon Commission, group appointed in November 1927 by the British Conservative government under Stanley Baldwin to report on the working of the Indian constitution established by the Government of India Act of 1919.

171. Who was the first chief of PAF?

Ans) Air Vice Marshal Allan Perry-Keene (as Air Force C-in-C)

172. Largest producer of Quartz?

Ans) Arkansas in USA & Brazil

173. Name of the atom bomb which was thrown on Nagasaki & Hiroshima?

Ans) A uranium gun-type atomic bomb (Little Boy) was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, followed by a plutonium implosion-type bomb (Fat Man) on the city of Nagasaki on August 9.

174. Pilot who dropped atom bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki?

Ans) Paul Warfield Tibbets, Jr. (23 February 1915 – 1 November 2007), was a brigadier general in the United States Air Force. He is best known as the pilot who flew the Enola Gay (named after his mother) when it dropped Little Boy, the first of two atomic bombs used in warfare, on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

175. Total seats in National Assembly?

Ans) 342 seats

176. What plants exhale at night?

Ans) Carbon dioxide

177. Velocity of sound m/s

Ans) 343

178. Which vitamins not stored in human body?

Ans) C

179. Lack of vitamin c create which disease

Ans) Skin disease

180. Which vitamin help blood clotting?

Ans) K

181. Founder of Muslim rule in India?

Ans) Qutbuddin Abek

182. Razia Sultana belonged to?

Ans) Slave dynasty

183. Second battle of panipat fought b/w

Ans) Akbar vs. Himu Bakal

184. Attock fort was constructed by

Ans) Akbar

185. Mancher Lake situated in?

Ans) Dadu

186. Pakistan number among world population?

Ans) 6th

187. Share of Punjab among area of Pakistan

Ans) 25%

188. Length of Khyber Pass

Ans) 53km

189. Uranium resources found in Pakistan?

Ans) DG khan

190. Mostly part of Gobi desert found in?

Ans) Mangolia

191. Taklamakan desert found in

Ans) Xinjaning china

192. Longest river of the world is?

Ans) Nile

193. Largest sea of the world?

Ans) South China Sea

194. Largest coastal boundary country?

Ans) Canada

195- Brazil is situated in?

Ans) South America

196. Which country is peninsula?

Ans) Saudi Arabia

197. Caspian Sea makes its boundaries with

Ans) Kazakhstan to the northeast, Russia to the northwest, Azerbaijan to the west, Iran to the south, and Turkmenistan to the southeast

198. Macmohan line is situated b/w?

Ans) India and china

199. Who is David Patrias?

Ans) American general in Afghanistan

200. 1 meter is equal to?

Ans) 3.28 foot

201. Largest agency among area in Pakistan?

Ans) South Waziristan

202. Old name of Iraq?

Ans) Mesopotamia

203. Blood is red due to?

Ans) Haemoglobin

204. Mariana trench is situated near?

Ans) Philippines

205. Headquarter of gandhara civilization is?

Ans) Taxila

206. Head quarter of Saarc is situated at?

Ans) Kathmandu

207. Maximum wool producing country is?

Ans) Australia

208. Official religion of japan is?

Ans) Shintoism

209. Which element use for producing nuclear fuel?

Ans) Uranium

210. How many ruku in the 30th paara of Quran?

Ans) 39

211. Niagara fall lies b/w

Ans) USA and Canada

212. Which is smallest country of world among area?

Ans) San Marino

213. Holy prophet PBUH appointed governor of Yemen for collection of zakat?

Ans) Hazrat Muaz bin Jabal

214. How many times zakat is mentioned in Quran?

Ans) 32 times

215. Which surah gives details among zakat receiver?

Ans) Surah Tuba

216. Where 1st Wahi revealed?

Ans) Ghar e Hira

217. When was zakat declared must?

Ans) 2 hijra

218. Headquarter of International labour organization is situated in?

Ans) Geneva

219. Muslim league name was purposed by?

Ans) Nawab Saleem Ullah khan of Dhaka

220. Jaundice is disturb of which part of body?

Ans) Liver

221. Quaid e Azam left congress due to

Ans) Non- cooperative moment by Gandhi

222. In Hepatitis, which organ disturb

Ans) Liver

223. Nisab in the amount of gold

Ans) 87.48 gram

224. Nisab in silver is?

Ans) 612.32 gram

225. Produce which is equal to nisab?

Ans) 948kg wheat or equal

226. Who was Father of the French Revolution?

Ans) Jean-Jacques Rousseau

227. Statue of freedom in New York is given by

Ans) France

228. Wall Street is a famous?

Ans) Stock market in New York

229. Theory of relativity was presented by?

Ans) Einstein

230. Cash crop is?

Ans) which is not cultivated for own use

231. Artificial cultivated area give amount ushr equal to

Ans) 1/20

232. If a person obtained something from underground the amount of zakat applicable

Ans) 1/5

233. Zakat among goat applicable on

Ans) 40 goats

234. Amount of Zakat among gold silver and similar things

Ans) 2.5 %

235. Zakat ordinance promulgated on

Ans) 20 June 1980

236. According to section17 taluka committee is equal to

Ans) Tehsil committee

237. Porcelain tower is present in

Ans) China

238. Which Muslim organization founded in 1962?

Ans) Rabita al-Alam al-Islami‎ (Muslim World League)

239. Founder of scout movement

Ans) Robert Baden-Powell

240. Elyse palace is the residence of

Ans) French president

241. Second largest population in Afghanistan?

Ans) Tajik

242. Worldwide spread disease is called?

Ans) Epidemic

243. Zakat year end?

Ans) 30 shaban

244. Governor appoints chief administer with the consult of

Ans) Federal government

245. Administrator general appointed by

Ans) President

246. The magnitude of earthquake is measured with?

Ans) Richter Scale

247. Who forwarded the Lahore (Pakistan) Resolution?

Ans) A.K. Fazal ul Haq

248. East India Company came to India in the reign of:

Ans) Nur-ud-din Salim Jahangir

249. The largest Muslim country according to area is?

Ans) Kazakhstan

250. Who was known as the Man of Destiny?

Ans) Napoleon bona part

251. Adam’s Peak is in?

Ans) Sri Lanka

252. According to the Zakat Ordinance Zakat arrears are collected by?

Ans) Tehsildar

253. Red Cross/Crescent HQ is in?

Ans) Geneva

254. Light year complete direction in

Ans) 1 year

255. Musician of Pakistan’s National anthem is

Ans) Ahmed G. Chaghla

256. First ushr received?

Ans) 1982-83 rabi crop

257. DZ committee dissolved if

Ans) Member remain not pious

258. If a person fails to pay zakat what act can he do?

Ans) Send a notice

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