Epithets of the World | World General Knowledge

Epithets of the World | World General Knowledge

World General Knowledge one-liner, World General Knowledge Questions, World General Knowledge Questions, World General Knowledge one-liner, and World General Knowledge Questions are the most important questions, which are continuously asked by examiners. These questions, MCQs, are generally asked in FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, NTS, etc., exams. By preparing them all, you can prepare for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, etc., exams and can qualify and crack them. These World General Knowledge One-liner are gathered and displayed for students so that they can score good marks.

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  1. What city is known as The worlds chocolate capital: Hershey Pennsylvania
  2. Which countries name translates as the land of the free- Thailand
  3. The country known as the Land of Thunderbolts is Bhutan
  4. Rome is also known as “City of Seven Hills”.
  5. Penang is called the “Pearl of East”.
  6. “Sandwich Island” is called to Hawaii Island.
  7. Detroit is known as the Motor City.
  8. Britain of the south is called to New Zealand.
  9. Buffer state of Asia is called to Afghanistan.
  10. The cockpit of Europe is called to Belgium.
  11. Crossroad of Western Europe is called to Belgium.
  12. Emerald Island is called to Ireland.
  13. Flower garden to Europe is called to the Netherlands.
  14. Gift of Nile is called Egypt.
  15. Great Britain of the Pacific is called to Japan.
  16. The island continent is called to Australia.
  17. The Horn of Africa is called to Somalia.
  18. Key to the Mediterranean is called to Gibraltar.
  19. Land of contrasts is called to Colombia.
  20. Land of free people is called to Thailand.
  21. Land of fertile fields is called to Algeria.
  22. Land of golden fibre is called to Bangladesh.
  23. Land of the midnight sun is called to Norway.
  24. Land of milk and honey is called to Lebanon.
  25. Land of the morning calm is called to Korea.
  26. Land of mighty rivers is called to Nigeria.
  27. Land of the mountain is called to Nepal.
  28. Land of the rising sun is called to Japan.
  29. Land of Thousand Island is called to Indonesia.
  30. Land of pure people is called to Pakistan.
  31. Land of white elephant is called to Thailand.
  32. Pillars of Hercules is called to Gibraltar.
  33. Playground of Europe is called to Switzerland.
  34. The remnant of the mighty empire is called to Austria.
  35. The sorrow of china is called to Hawang Hoo.
  36. Switzerland of Africa is called to Swaziland.
  37. Site of Ancient Civilization is called to Iraq.
  38. Whiteman’s Grave is called to Guinea.
  39. Brasilia of Pakistan is called to Islamabad.
  40. City of angles is called to Bangkok.
  41. City of bazaars is called to Cairo.
  42. City of colleges is called to Lahore.
  43. City of the conference is called to Geneva.
  44. City of cosmonauts is called to Moscow.
  45. City of eternal spring is called to Quito.
  46. City of golden temple is called to Amritsar.
  47. The city of Golden Gate is called to San Francisco.
  48. City of mosques is called to Dhaka.
  49. City of parks is called to Kyiv.
  50. City of palaces is called to Calcutta.
  51. City of the pope is called to Rome.
  52. City of space flights is called to Cape Kennedy.
  53. City of peace is called to Baghdad.
  54. Forbidden City is called to Lahaska.
  55. Gateway to the east is called to Beirut.
  56. Gateway to the gulf is called to Abu Dhabi.
  57. Gateway to India is called to Bombay.
  58. Gateway to Pakistan is called to Karachi.
  59. Little Pakistan is called to Bradford.
  60. Manchester of Pakistan is called to Faisalabad.
  61. Pyramid city is called to Cairo.
  62. Rose pink city is called to Jaipur.
  63. The windy city is called to Chicago.
  64. Lusitanian is the alternative name of Portugal.
  65. Emerald Island is called to Ireland.
  66. Land of Prophets is called to Palestine.
  67. Yellow River is known as China’s Sorrow because of devastating floods.
  68. Gibraltar of the west is said to Quebec.
  69. Zambia is known as “country of Copper”
  70. Albania means the “Land of Eagles”.
  71. Argentian means “Like Silver”.
  72. Bahrain means two seas.
  73. Brazil means “Redwood”.
  74. Costa Rica means “Rich coast”.
  75. Cyprus means “Land of copper”.
  76. Guatemala means “Land of Eagles”.
  77. Jamaica means “Good water”.
  78. Kuwait means “Fort”.
  79. Liberia means “Land of free people”.
  80. The Netherlands means “low land”.
  81. Nigeria means “a great river”.
  82. Sierra Leone means “Lion Mountains”.
  83. Singapore means “city of lions”.
  84. Sudan means “Land of black people”.
  85. Turkey means “Land of Turks”.
  86. Which country is popularly called ‘The Land of the Maple Leaf’? Canada
  87. Mistress of the Eastern Seas is epithet referred to Sri Lanka.
  88. Hong Kong is called Pearl of the Orient.
  89. Which worlds city is known as The Golden City Prague Czech
  90. What place was nicknamed “The Pearl of the Orient”-Manilla – Philippines
  91. What countries name translates as lion mountains- Sierra Leone
  92. What place is nicknamed “The City of Lilies”- Florence
  93. Mesopotamia means- Between two Rivers
  94. Palk Strait separates India from Sri Lanka.
  95. Babul Mandab strait separates Arabia from Africa.
  96. Babel-Mandab strait leads into the Red Sea.
  97. The Red sea is between Arabia and Africa.
  98. The Davis Strait separates Greenland from Baffin Island.
  99. The Davis Strait lies between Canada and Greenland
  100. Messina strait separates Italy from Sicily.
  101. Johor Strait separates Malaysia from Singapore.
  102. The Bass Strait separates Australia from Tasmania.
  103. Florida Strait separates Cuba from Florida. It joins the Atlantic Ocean with the Gulf of Mexico.
  104. Dover strait separates England from France.
  105. Gibraltar Strait separates Spain and Africa and joins the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean.
  106. Torres Strait separates Australia and Papua New Guinea
  107. Bering Strait separates Asia from Africa and joins the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.
  108. Bosporus Strait connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmora.
  109. Dardanelles Strait (Turkey) joins the Marmora sea with the Aegean Sea.
  110. Malacca (Indonesia) strait separates Sumatra from the Malay Peninsula. It is the longest strait in the world.
  111. Mozambique strait is the broadest strait in the world. It is b/w Mozambique and Madagascar.
  112. Sunda strait separates Sumatra from Java Island.
  113. 40% of world oil passes through… Strait of Hormuz
  114. The gateway to the Gulf of Iran is Strait of Hormuz
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