Assistant Director FIA (BS-17) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2019(Batch-2)

Assistant Director FIA (BS-17) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2019(Batch-2)

Here, you can get assistant Director FIA (BS-17) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2019 (Batch-2). At CSSPrepForum, you can find all solved past papers of Assistant Director FIA (BS-17). Here, You can prepare, read, practice, and download the FPSC Solved Past Papers freely. Let’s connect us and get instant update and notification to get free solved past papers of CSS, FPSC, PPSC, NTS, and all other competitive exams.

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Assistant Director FIA (BS-17) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2019 (Batch-2)

Here, you can get Assistant Director FIA (BS-17) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2019 (Batch-2). All of the questions are arranged properly in the order that was present in the real question paper.

1He has the reputation _________ being a good teacher.ofwithinnone of thesea
2The district police officer is invested ________ magisterial powers.forofwithnone of thesec
3He is blind ________ one eye.foroftonone of theseb
4I have been serving in Gomal University _________ fifteen years.forsinceinnone of thesea
5Darkness was the cause _________ his losing his way.forofwithnone of theseb
6I am not concerned ________ his affairs.forofaboutnone of thesec
7She wondered whether it _______ be true.cancouldmaynone of theseb
8He complains _________ headache.foratofnone of thesec
9We are writing school assignment _________ black ink.inwithatnone of thesea
10She has two children __________ her first husband.frombyduringnone of thesea
11_________ cell phones do not cause cancer.AAnThenone of thesec
12You can compare my copy __________ the original.withfortonone of thesec
13They have a dispute _________ money.foroverinnone of theseb
14We should comply _________ the rules and regulations of the organization.forofwithnone of thesec
15Our words should be consistent _______ our actions.onwithfornone of theseb
16They live about _______ from hour of drivea drive of an houran hour’s drivenone of thesec
17She couldn’t _______ a mustache to the photo of his headmaster in the newspaper.resist to addresist addingresist from addingnone of theseb
18Either my husband or my brother will volunteer _________ time for the project.itstheirhisnone of thesec
19Why do you object to _________ he will be an asset to the company.he be taken onhim being taken onhe being taken onnone of thesec
20How many are provinces in India?26293031b
21Indian P.M Narenda Moda according to Hindu caste system isGhanchiSudrasVeshnone of thesea
22Who currently heads Indian Held Kashmir as Chief MinisterMehbooba MuftiOmar AbdullahJagmohannone of thesed
23Who was Pakistan Army Chief at the time of 1965 warTikka KhanGul Hasan Ayub Khannone of thesed
24When the first adult based elections held in Pakistan? 1954196219701975c
25Mangla dam constructed on River Jhelum is to the help of World Bank is located inpunjabkpksindhkashmird
26peration Rad-ul-Fasad started under Chief of ArmyGen. Qamar Javed BajwaGen. Rahil SharifGen. Ayub Khannone of thesea
27Indian election 2019 were held in28 Dec. 20193-Apr-1925 Sept. 2019none of thesec
28In Indian History Indian Muslims migrated to Afghanistan in1919192019221924b
29Long sighted person is corrected in the lens ConcaveConvexCylindricalnone of theseb
30Physiology is study ofBody structure Functions of bodyCylindricalnone of theseb

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