Appraising & Valuation Officer (BS-16) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2019

Here, you can get Appraising & Valuation Officer (BS-16) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2019. At CSSPrepForum, you can find all solved past papers of Appraising & Valuation Officer (BS-16). Here, You can prepare, read, practice, and download the FPSC Solved Past Papers freely. Let’s connect us and get instant update and notification to get free solved past papers of CSS, FPSC, PPSC, NTS, and all other competitive exams.

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Appraising & Valuation Officer (BS-16) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2019

Here, you can get Appraising & Valuation Officer (BS-16) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2019. All of the questions are arranged properly in the order that was present in the real question paper.

1EnglishShe sings ______.BeautifullyNicelySweetlynone of thesea
2EnglishI _____ home on next Monday.will be goingshall gowill gonone of theseb
3English_____ have you seen ?whomwhowhatnone of thesec
4EnglishHe is loved by the people.activepassivedirectindirectb
5EnglishThe Eid _____ next week.will be  shall  shall benone of thesea
6EnglishThe coat is ______ expensive.veryquitetoonone of theseb
7EnglishHe is blind _____ one eye.fortoofnone of thesec
8EnglishHis words _____ my life.affectedeffectedeffectnone of thesea
9Sentence StructureWhen I go swimming. I have to keep my eyes closed underwater.compundcomplexsimplenone of theseb
10Sentence StructureWe can wait here until Rafiq calls us.compundsimplecomplexnone of thesec
11Sentence StructureEither the engine starts, or we will remain here all night.compundsimplecomplexnone of thesea
12Sentence StructureMy mother cooked dinner while I was doing my homework.compundcomplexsimplenone of theseb
13Sentence StructureI have brought my umbrella with me in case it rains.compundsimplecomplexnone of thesec
14Sentence StructureShe runs every day, so she is very fit.compundsimplecomplexnone of thesea
15Sentence StructureHe got up, walked over to the window, and jumped out.compundsimplecomplexnone of theseb
16Sentence StructureDo you want to go swimming tomorrow, or would you prefer to play tennis ?compundsimplecomplexnone of thesea
17Sentence StructureThe students cleaned up after they finished the experiment.compundsimplecomplexnone of thesec
18Sentence StructureRahim plays the trumpet, and his sister plays the saxophone.compundsimplecomplexnone of thesea
19Sentence StructureThe boys did not go the zoo because they went to the park.compundsimplecomplexnone of thesec
20Pakistan StudiesImran khan is the ______ Prime Minister of Pakistan.22nd21st23rdnone of thesea
21Pakistan StudiesQuaid e Azam assumed the office of Governor General and took oath from ______Liaquat Ali KhanMian Abdul RashidMount Battonnone of theseb
22Pakistan StudiesLiaquat Ali Khan took oath of Prime Minister of Pakistan from ______. MountabttenAbdul RashidQuaid e Azamnone of thesec
23General ScienceElectric Motor used to convert energy from ______.Electrical to ChemicalElectrical to KineticMechanical to Electricalnone of thesed
24General ScienceWhich color has the highest wavelength ?redGreenbluenone of thesea
25General ScienceWhich of the colours has smallest wavelength ?IndigoVioletBluenone of theseb
26General ScienceWhich metal is used as electromagnetic ?NickelCopperIronnone of thesec
27General ScienceThe round shape of rain drop is owing to ______.Surface TensionInternal RelectionViscositynone of thesea
28General ScienceA green colored leaf in red light will look ______.BlackRedGreennone of theseb
29Pakistan Current AffairsAccording to corruption index 2018 Pakistan ranked ?122117121123c
30Pakistan StudiesQuaid e Azam spent the last two months of his life: Karachi QuettaZiaratnone of thesec

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