Appraising & Valuation Officer (BS-16) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2018

Here, you can get Appraising & Valuation Officer (BS-16) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2018. At CSSPrepForum, you can find all solved past papers of Appraising & Valuation Officer (BS-16). Here, You can prepare, read, practice, and download the FPSC Solved Past Papers freely. Let’s connect us and get instant update and notification to get free solved past papers of CSS, FPSC, PPSC, NTS, and all other competitive exams.

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Appraising & Valuation Officer (BS-16) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2018

Here, you can get Appraising & Valuation Officer (BS-16) FPSC Solved Past Paper 2018. All of the questions are arranged properly in the order that was present in the real question paper.

1I _____ him three years agoMetWill meetHave meetnone of thesea
2He arrived _____ time to attend the meeting.AtOnInnone of theseb
3Please ______ me to pay the milk man.AskRememberRemindnone of thesec
4He _____ working here since July.IsWasHave BeenHas Beend
5It _____ rain today.MightMayIsBea
6I agree _____ your proposalFromToFornone of theseb
7Please move _____ quickly.OfInOnnone of thesec
8Children promised ______ quiet.To beof beingTonone of thesea
9Commander let his men _____ of the streamRestingRestTo Restnone of theseb
10His success made him _____ proud of himself.FeelFeeledFeltnone of thesea
11A man who trains guns and weapons is called:Army manPoliceCommandonone of thesed
12Chauffeur means:Gun manDriverServantnone of theseb
13Synonym of Blunder is:ErrorGaffeMistakeall of thesed
14Win-win situation means:A situation where all participants get profit A game where everyone losesWhere no one gets benefitall of thesea
15Mentor means:GuideTrusted advisorRulerBoth a and bd
16If you don’t go to school your regular sum of money will not be paidFeesAllowanceCreditnone of thesea
17I heard the neighbor ______ ShoutShoutingTo ShoutShoutedb
18Administration means Who look better Who regulate betterStand in chargeBoth a and bd
19We had better _____ him before he goes.SeeSeeingSawHaving Seena
20Man who has committed such an ______ crime must get the most severe punishment.InjuriousAbominableUncharitableUnworthyb
21Which short key is used to search for a word in a document ?Ctrl + I Ctrl + NCtrl + FCtrl + Ec
22Which short key is used to activate Undo command in the Word ?Ctrl + NCtrl + ACtrl + X Ctrl + Zd
23The font size in Microsoft Word can be set up to ______ by typing the size manually for the font1638538638 1538a
24________ is used at the end of a Word document, providing more info about something in you document.FootnoteEndnoteSidenotenone of theseb
25______ is the basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter dataBox RowCellSheet tabc
26How many sheets are there in Excel Workbook by default ?542none of thesed
27Hiding unwanted part of an image is calledCroppingCuttingChoppingnone of thesea
28Data in Excel sheet can be sorted in which way ?DescendingAscendingBoth A and Bnone of thesec
29Which of the following is the extension of MS Word ?.docx.doxc.doxnone of thesea
30Insert Date, Format Page Number and Insert Auto Text are buttons on the _____ toolbar.StandardHeader and footerEditFormattingb

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