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Ages in History General Knowledge MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar

Ages in History General Knowledge MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar

Most Important Ages in History MCQs | Most Important General Knowledge MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar | General Knowledge MCQs | MCQs Related to General Knowledge | General Knowledge  MCQs for CSS, PMS and One Paper Aspirants | MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar | Read, Prepare, Test, and Quizzify at Howfiv

Ages in History have been crucial part of the one-paper commission exam (from BPS 11 to BPS 18), such as FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KKPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, etc. It has been noticed that millions of competitive students in Pakistan remain unable to grasp the empires and dynasties related questions (MCQs). General Knowledge MCQs are the most interactive section updated by Howfiv with its team’s help daily.

Howfiv has successfully gathered and created thousands of exam-relevant questions (MCQs). The category’s questions are generally based on all CSS, FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC, NTS, AJKPSC, GBPSC past papers MCQs, the most repeated questions, the essential questions from 1980 to date, and advanced practice questions. With the help of Howfiv, Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar has compiled some most important MCQs on ages in history . These important MCQs, compiled and gathered by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar, help millions of competitive students memorize them that have become an integral part of each exam, conducted by FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, NTS, etc. As soon as you start reading and memorizing these MCQs, you will be able to solve all MCQs from Islamiat, which are repeatedly asked in one paper 100 Marks MCQs exams, like NTS, PPSC, FPSC, SPSC. BPSC, AJKPSC, KPPSC, FIA, ASF, ANF, MOD, Anti-corruption, and all type of competitive exams.

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These MCQs are best for the following types of tests:

Deputy Director, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)Inspector Customs, (FBR)
Assistant Director Investigation (AD – FIA)Intelligence Officer (FBR)
Assistant Director Legal (AD Legal – FIA)Preventive Officer (FBR)
Inspector Investigation (FIA)Appraising/Valuation Officer (FBR)
Assistant Director, Ministry of Defense (AD – MOD)Police Inspector (Railway)
Junior Admin Officer (MOD)Sub-Inspector (Railway)
Civilian Labor Officer (MOD)Assistant Director, Ministry of Communications
Deputy Director, Intelligence Bureau (I.B)Assistant Director, Ministry of Overseas & Human Resources
Assistant Director (I.B)Assistant Director in Federal Secretariat
Inspector (I.B)Assistant Director in Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Deputy Director of National Accountability Bureau (NAB)Assistant Director in Interior Ministry
Assistant Director, National Accountability Bureau (NAB)Assistant Director in the Ministry of Finance
Investigation Officer (NAB)Assistant Director in Cabinet Division
Junior Investigation Officer (NAB)Assistant Director in Economic Division
Assistant (NAB)Assistant Director in Ports & Shipping
Assistant Director Anti-CorruptionAssistant Director LDA/MDA
Assistant Director PassportAssistant Private Secretary
Assistant Superintendent Jail Assistant Director in Establishment Division
Deputy Superintendent Jail Research Officer in Planning and Development
Assistant Director of Land RecordsResearch Officer in Senate
ASI Police & S.I PoliceResearch Officer in the National Assembly
Assistant Food ControllerSupervisor in Food Department 
Civil Judges Exams Assistant Director, Airport Security Force (ASF)
Tehsildar & Naib-Tehsildar ExamsAssistant Security Officer (ASF)
Assistant Registrar CooperativeDeputy Assistant Officer (ASF)
Labour Officer & Labour InspectorInspector (ASF)
Assistant Director, Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF)Inspector (ANF)
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The MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar are as follows:

1Period since the explosion period of the first atom bomb at Alamogordo, New Mexico in July 16,1945 is called:Augustan AgeAtomic AgeDark AgesBronze Ageb
2Augustan Age, refers to the reign of the Emperor Augustus, 27 BC to 14 BC in:Latin LiteratureAtomic AgeDark AgesBronze Agea
3Bronze Age period when people used bronze tools is:1700 BC to  100 BC1600 BC to 400 BC1500 BC to 500 BC.1500 BC to 600 BCc
4Period of the feudal system in Europe from 700s to 1400s is calledElizabethan AgeMiddle AgeDark AgesIron Ageb
5Period when Queen Victoria reigned i.e. 1837-1901, was an age of technological progress and public morality is called:Augustan AgeVictorian AgeIce AgesStone Ageb
6Period beginning from years in which a series of ice caps covered most of the northern part of the earth is called:Ice AgeAtomic AgeDark AgesBronze Agea
7Period when people 1st time used iron tools and weapons, 1200-100 BC is called:Augustan AgeAge of ReasonIron AgesStone Agec
818th century, when philosophy was gaining ground in Europe is called:Augustan AgeBronze AgeDark AgesAge of Reasond
9The best period a country or literature is called:Augustan AgeGolden AgeDark AgesBronze Ageb
10Name given to the period industrialization in Britain began in 1750 is called:Iron AgeBronze AgeAtomic AgesMachine Aged
11Period before Bronze Age in which men used tools and weapons made of stone began about 1000,000 years ago is called:Stone AgeAtomic AgeIron AgesAugustan Agea
12Which of these is an early period in the Bronze Age?PaleotithicEolithicChalcolithicProlithicc
13The Stone Age is called that because of its:Scarcity of stones, which were used as moneyAbundance of stone toolsAbundance of stone statuesAbundance of stone housesb
14Which metal is associated with the end of the Stone Age?AluminumTitaniumSilverBronzed
15What word means “of the Middle Ages”?MedialMediocreMedievalMetalc
16Who colonized Tunisia in ancient times?PhoeniciansPhilistinesPalmyransPyrgamesea
17Which of these was not an ancient Phoenician city?TyreBerotSidonMadridd
18Which of these was not an ancient Phoenician deity?AstarteBaalMolochJupiterd
19Where did the ancient Phoenicians live?PhoeniciaPortugalPhoenixPhrygiaa
20What structure was built during the Old Kingdom in Egypt?The SphinxThe Pyramids of JuadahThe Tower of BabelNone of thesea
21Which was not an achievement of ancient Egyptians?GolfMedicineMathematicsNone of thesea
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